Make Your Own Flower Press with Robyn

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Aren’t flowers just wonderous! Adding their cheer, colour and fragrance, and elevating our mood so easily. It always seems such a shame to throw away cut flowers once they become droopy. If only there was some way to prolong their life…

Welcome the simple flower press! Pressing flowers means you can keep them around, and put to a variety for uses, for much longer.

It could be a way to keep some sentimental flowers – some petals from a special bunch you were gifted, or from grandma’s garden. We know someone who kept rose petals for years that Patti Smith threw into the crowd at a Melbourne concert!

Appreciating and enjoying the smaller and simpler things in life also invites us to slow down. So why not have a go at making your own flower press and relive some childhood – something you can create again and again at home.

What will we cover?

This hands-on class will explain how flower pressing works to preserve flowers, leaves and cuttings.

Understanding the aim for the finished project, we’ll work step-by-step with guided instruction to create our own flower presses from simple materials – wood, bolts and wing nuts, cardboard, paper.

There’ll be time to decorate and personalise our flower presses.

All materials provided! Just come and have a nice time!

What to bring?

Have a think about how to transport your flower press home safely, and bring along a shopping bag if needed.


  • Wheelchair Accessibility Venue
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  • Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees
  • Auslan Interpreter Upon Request 
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Who will be teaching?

Robyn Bunting is a reuse, repurpose and remake enthusiast who is the owner of : The Nicholas Building called ‘Harold and Maude‘ on level 2 of the Nicholas Building that focuses on recycling, repurposing and remaking. 

She has spent 35 years working in Theatre, film and television
industry making all sorts of things using sewing technique of all types.

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