Make Fashion Work for You!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Our understanding of fashion is often limited to ‘what we wear’. However, if we view fashion as an extension of who we are then it can become a transformative experience.

Through decoding the world of fashion we can turn a difficult and annoying experience into a fun and rewarding adventure. Together we will learn about what is required to find clothes that fit your body, fit your image and fit your price range.

What will we cover?

We will be focusing on three main areas that will give you more knowledge and confidence to go and shop for yourself. These areas are:

  • Body shape: build an accurate view of your body and the learn useful methods that will help to make your shape look great.
  • Self image: How you feel about you, your body, and your personalty directly relate to the clothes that you will try on and buy.
  • Shopping tips: to make clothes shopping less stressful we will discuss some tips to streamline the process and increase your success rate.

Who will be teaching?

connel chiangConnel is passionate about building the foundations for connection. His career as a fashion stylist has allowed him to translate his creative talents into advertising campaigns, events and individual fashion consultations.

Working with a vast collection of local and international clients has allowed Connel to build a deep understanding of the fashion industry and how each individual can navigate their own way through the maze.