Epicurus’ Delight: Marinated Cheese

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Back in the time of the great Greek philosophers, Epicurus said “plain fare gives as much pleasure as a costly diet” but then he was the sort of guy who believed that if you didn’t expect too much you wouldn’t be disappointed. So, we are going to take Epicurus’ plain cheese and make it something special by marinating it. Choosing from an array of spices and herbs, the feta, goat and bocconcini cheeses will be the toast of the Forum.

What will we cover?

You will be guided through making their own pot of marinated cheeses to take home. By the end of the class you (hopefully) will be inspired to continue through the many, many flavours back at home so you can make your own signature marinated cheese that family and friends will keep bugging you for.

Who will be teaching?

Jennifer McInnes of Hells Breath Relish has been in the business of making relishes, pickles, jams and sauces for the past 15 years and is keen to encourage you to play with your food.