Massage: Becoming a Massage ‘Jedi’ Master

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Using the Force (the life force of course), you ,the apprentice, will learn appropriate and safe techniques, to neutralise threats (stress, tension, aches, “knots”), and create a balanced and harmonious Jedi Temple (read: massage environment).

Demonstrations and practical methods will be supervised by the Council (me) before the rank of Massage Jedi Knight will be awarded, along with handouts and take home oils.

What will we cover?

We’ll cover everything from types of massage, safety, environment, equipment, etiquette (including the less than infamous Miyagi rule), basic movements (and lots of practice), technique and application, and how to design a massage sequence.

You’ll also get a 50ml recyclable PET bottle of premium grade massage oil (a blend of grapeseed, certified organic sunflower seed and certified organic olive oils with a dash of natural and non GMO Vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract). PLUS a complimentary addition of 2ml of quality pure essential oils.

Who will be teaching?

Shan Maxwell

Shan loves a good cold climate red, has visions of a zombie wedding and chases bubbles. More importantly Shan has a broad career in health & wellness, sadly now spanning decades (ssssshhhhh), she has: taught aerobics, managed sports centres and day spas, written basic nutrition plans and exercise programs, managed clinical departments at SVH, practised remedial therapy for more than a few years and now studies aromatherapy. She is a big believer in stretching, complimentary medicine and rubbing where it hurts and oh, she may be teaching the class in a monkey onesie!