Zombie Movies! The Undead on Screen

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Zombies – the most awesome of the monsters.

Vampires went all teen romance, and lost their cool. Werewolves went to London and became a joke. Frankenstein packed up his tool kit when people started using his name for the monster. But zombies are lurching mindlessly from success to success. They now have games, t-shirts, a hit TV series, garden statuary, flash mobs and plush toys in their repertoire.

What is it about animated corpses consuming the flesh of the living that keeps us munching our popcorn, year after year?

What will we cover?

Why are zombie movies so awesome? In this class, you’ll find out. We’ll cover the elements of the genre, look at a history of zombie movies, highlight some of the key and defining moments in zombie movies, explore some of the broader mythos of the walking dead and look at where the zombie genre has got to in recent days. We’ll also explore just how prepared you really are for the zombie apocalypse.

Who will be teaching?

Halo is an office manager, a football player, a former puppeteer, a Queen fan and is named after an Alan Moore comic. Naturally, this makes her an expert on zombie movies. She has a tendency to rant enthusiastically about her favourite subjects and figures that this might make her a suitable teacher. With these qualifications firmly in her grasp, she has set out into the shining world of cafe culture to share her love of all things related to the undead. Not vampires, mummies, the wolfman, ghosts or any of that rot, obviously. Just zombies.