Meditative Doodling for Beginners with Ethel

This class has passed
This class has passed

Fancy an art class that really, truly requires no drawing experience? Love art but don’t always feel creative?

This class give you an introduction to simple doodling using straight forward but versatile techniques. Pairing things black to simple black and white, learn to creative bold and striking patterns with just a single pen.

As well as finding your own doodling style, this class also deliberately includes mindful and meditative approaches so that doodling can become a a useful tool for winding down, de-stressing, zoning out, and finding a bit of time for your self.

And did you know that doodling is also proven to aid memory – by doodling during a meeting, lecture, phone call, you’re more likely to take in and retain the aural information. Neat!

What will we cover?

In this hands-on class :

  • We’ll begin with a brief run-down of practices that have inspired meditative doodling.
  • Then we learn about tools needed for this practice (which can really just be simple pen and paper!).
  • Next, we cover the basic steps before creating a couple of simple examples, which we will do while practicing our breathing and mindfulness techniques.

What will you need?

All materials provided, but if you have a favourite sketch book feel free to bring it along.

    Who will be teaching?

    Ethel (she/her) is a museologist and educator by profession. She currently works at the University of Melbourne’s Science Gallery. She learned about Zentangles while attending a conference in the US in 2009 but has since moved on from its principles and evolved her practice to add a meditative element to her doodles.

    Ethel loves visiting museums, cooking, trying out new art materials and techniques, and is currently obsessed with painting and drawing dragonflies!

    You can check out more of Ethel’s work here or on instagram.

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