Mini Accordion Books & Mandalas

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Make your own mini accordion book and try your hand at creating a mandala while learning about art therapy and how the creative art processes can increase your well-being. The focus for the workshop is on being present in the process of creating, rather than the end product. Let go of perfectionism, and allow yourself to be free to play and create!

What will we cover?

This workshop will be an interactive & creative class that will give you a direct experience with some of the creative processes that are used in art therapy. It will give you a peek into what creative journalling is and how you could make this into a regular practice.

You will be shown how to make a mini accordion book, a simple process that you can easily make at home with materials you have lying around the house.

Once we have created our mini books, we will have a chance to decorate them and start filling in the book and learning about mandalas. Mandalas are another art therapy process that have been by many cultures throughout history to symbolise prayers, intentions and rituals. A mandala is a circle, and within the circle you can create unique patterns, shapes, lines and colours.

Who will be teaching?

AmandaAmanda Scott is a Melbourne based art therapist, facilitator and youth worker. For the past 10 years Amanda has been running various self empowerment programs, workshops, camps and seminars. Amanda’s personal journey has been one of exploring identity, the quiet voice within and finding her unique place in the world.

Amanda now runs Amanda Scott Art Therapy at Abbotsford Convent, running 6 week creative journalling workshops, vision board workshops and individual art therapy counselling. Amanda also runs an art therapist networking group, workshops & camps as a community facilitator supporting children and young people involved in the child protection system in Victoria, and trains facilitators to run these programs nationally.

Amanda draws on her skills in art therapy and group facilitation to journey with people facing various challenges into a space that they can connect with their own intuition and inner knowing, to find the tools to fulfil their potential, find hope for the future and live a meaningful life.