Modular Origami: Think Outside the Box

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you wondered how origami creations are made? How single or multiple square pieces of paper can turn into such beautiful creations?

Come and join like-minded folk as we learn how to fold two modular origami box designs which can be arranged with endless possibilities no matter what skill level you are!

What will we cover?

During our time together we will start with a simple module origami box design and once you get the feel for the one, you may challenge yourself with the slightly harder box design (or continue happily with the first – it’s up to you!). By the end we will be familiar enough to repeat the same process at home to make your own herd of modular origami boxes.

You will be able to take diagrams, spare paper and your lovely creations home. Better yet, you may be inspired to try out the endless varieties of origami paper the world has to offer and create your own unique style.

Who will be teaching?

Ivylia - Profile PicIvylia is a fashionfantasy illustrator who has had a passion for origami since early childhood. He loves to spend his free time giving origami away to customers and staff in cafes around Melbourne as well as decorating here and there, you may have seen his last creation which was in Myer Melbourne where 800 origami birds hung from tree-like light fittings.