Mindfulness and Movement

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We live increasingly fast paced lives, but while our minds are racing, our bodies sit still. This can make us scattered, frazzled, and much more tired than we really are.

It’s not just about exercise, it’s about active rest: being connected, playful and alive in the moment.

Join us and experience a state of focus, concentration and embodiment. Share a connection with others that is playful, authentic, and completely non-verbal. Give yourself time to connect.

What will we cover?

Prepare to breathe deeply and tune into your body for this beginners’ workshop.

We will come together to play a series of ensemble physical theatre ball game exercises. These exercises are based on the principles of performance artist and trainer John Britton. They are non-competitive and carefully designed to help you become present in the moment.

We will try movement activities, explore ideas around stillness and movement, distance and proximity, leading and following, calmness and joy.

Who will be teaching?

Meiki and a kittenMeiki Apted has always loved movement. From dancing at festivals, to climbing trees, when she is moving is when she feels most alive. At 21, while studying scriptwriting at university, she nervously walked into an ensemble physical theatre workshop with John Britton (Duende). Six hours later, she walked out sure that this was something that she wanted to do forever. She has since worked with Al Wunder, Dani Cresp, Andrew Morrish, Tom Greder, Kiki, and various trainers at the Women’s Circus, and is an experienced high school English and Drama teacher. Meiki loves to create focused and structured working environments. She believes that structure creates a safe and nurturing space for people to find their centre and express their joy.