Old Skool Hip Hop

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Hip hop dance originated in the United States, stemming from street styles such as breaking, locking and popping. Hip hop dance evolved with the urban music and culture and gained mainstream exposure during the 1980s.

With the accompaniment of some “old skool” tunes, we’ll be diving back into some of the roots of Hip Hop dance by having fun with some moves made famous in the ’80s and ’90s. So slap on your Hammer pants, pull on your Reeboks and get ready to get down and funky like the Fresh Prince.

What will we cover?

“But I don’t have a funky bone in my body” I hear you say? Chillax, it’s all good, this class is suitable for complete beginners to those with previous experience looking for a bit of fun and nostalgia.

We’ll start out with a warm-up that runs through some of the fun basic moves to get you into the groove and maybe even getting a workout – phew! You’ll then learn some of the more famous dance moves, putting them into mini combinations that you can break out at your next retro dance party!

Who will be teaching?

Liz is an IT professional by day, but has followed her love of dance since the age of 7 when it began with ballet. One style not being enough, Liz branched out into Ballroom, Hip Hop and Jazz (to name a few), in which she taught for 7 years before taking a break to travel the world – which of course, included trying many local dance styles along the way.

Now back and settled in Australia, the dance bug has bitten once again and Liz is eager to share her love of dance and having fun with others.

The featured image is a collage, made up of images borrowed and edited, with thanks, from eddiedangerousZabara AlexanderGilles Klein; all under Creative Commons licences.