Open Source Engagement

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wondered how your suburb or Melbourne could look like if you had a chance to design it? Where would you start? Maybe renaming your street or perhaps having a pop-up café at your local park? How would you design the CBD?

Creativity and knowledge is widely spread across society waiting for an open-sourced approach to design our cities. In this class we are going to explore the ways we engage with things, people and our city. Alvaro Maz will share his experience of urban engagement –not as an urban designer, but as someone who loves to learn and interact with our urban spaces, cultures and have fun in the places where we live.

What will we cover?

Over the course of the conversation and perhaps a little surprise, we will examine the way we engage with the urban form of our cities. We will look at organisations’ engagement approaches and explore the opportunities and possibilities to apply these to different urban spaces. It will be a chance to imagine the potential of having an inclusive, sustainable and creative place to live.

Who will be teaching?

Alvaro is a former international development devotee interested in spreading ideas, examining and connecting places and people and feeding his new chocolate addiction; an urban thinker exploring new media with a beer and cheese appetite and passion for informal, vibrant communities. He lives, eats and blogs from Melbourne. Alvaro is also the founder of Creative Suburbs, a community consultation platform to share and support ideas to enhance Melbourne’s suburbs.