Optimism: A Setback Strategy

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Setbacks are part of life. No biggy, but sometimes they really are. Especially if you want to achieve something and all hell breaks loose.

There are multiple ways to deal with negative turn outs when your try to realise your goals. And it helps to know which ones work best for you.

So discover your ultimate disaster strategies, train your optimism muscle and get ready for the next horror scenario on your path.

What will we cover?

We will discuss the importance of knowing how you react with undesired outcomes and explore some tools and techniques to deal with set backs and mistakes, including optimism, problem solving and dare to ask.

The main topics covered in this workshop will be:

  • How do you react when things go wrong?
  • How can you turn a situation around?
  • What makes you more resilient?

All will be illustrated with real life examples and a lot of fun.

Who will be teaching?

janne willemsDutch based Janne Willems founded Seize Your Moments. A two-times TEDx speaker, she walks up to strangers and asks everyday people to draw a beautiful moment from last week. They cheer up after such a question and start talking to each other. Since 2010 this world traveler collected over 7500 beautiful moments in 28 countries. In order to do this over 500 people helped her.

Her Dutch book Seize Your Moments came out in November 2015. It’s an inspiring tale of beautiful moments from the different stories. It offers many insights in happiness and how to become happier yourself. Janne’s favorite days of the world tour include a stolen laptop, a missed flight and a transport with the Royal Flying Doctors Service.