Origami: The Ancient Papercraft

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The rules of origami are simple – just one square sheet of paper, no glueing and absolutely no cutting.

In this one night beginners’ class, you will learn to unlock the potential of the simple square and begin to make origami that is fun, elegant and super impressive.

From waterbombs and traditional peace cranes, to complex insects and dragons with scales, claws and wings – if you can imagine it, someone, somewhere has made an origami version. Origami is based on geometry and mathematics, but most practice it because it is calming, creative and rewarding.

What will we cover?

The class will involve a brief history and theory of origami, as well as the cultural significance and some modern applications. You will learn how to read origami diagrams and how to perform different folding techniques. We will produce a few basic models together but each person can progress as far as their fingers will allow.

The class is very interactive and taught with live projections. You will be able to take home diagrams and models that you make, along with some paper to make models and impress audiences everywhere you go.

Who will be teaching?

Ronan Burder has been an origami enthusiast since age 6 after discovering an old book in his grandmother’s library and has been folding paper for 16 years ever since, including a collection of 1000 cranes. He has folded through boring university lectures, lengthy train rides and with every scrap of paper along the way.