Perfect Portraits for Absolute Newbs with Chantelle ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever thought about drawing people but never known where to start?

Come along and capture the art of the face. We will learn about the proportions of the face as well as some handy techniques that will help bring your portrait to life.

What will we cover?

Using grey leads, portraiture will be broken down into sections of the face which will help to teach you how to create realistic portraits.

Learn how to draw eyes, noses, ears, lips, chins, and eyebrows and then learn how to put them all together to produce a full portrait with the correct proportions.

What will you need?

  • Paper
  • Pencils

Who will be teaching?


Born in Melbourne and residing in Elwood, Chantelle Maree Tranchina is a living and breathing inspired artist, secondary and primary school teacher. Having studied four degrees and several courses– a bachelor of contemporary arts majoring in literature and visual arts, bachelor of teaching primary and secondary education, a degree in fashion design and also a degree in spiritual development/meditation/healing –  trained in reiki, mediumship, and has completed her YTT (yoga teacher training) she is now a practising and certified yoga teacher, teaching both in person and online classes! She has a passion for learning, teaching and helping others. She is also absolutely addicted to travel and finds herself taking a trip overseas as often as possible!

Chantelle is interested in environmental issues; currently working on a side project to develop and regenerate our Australian homeland through a ‘plant and party’ concept. Known as “Wild Seeds” this project is a non for profit three day event which offers a chance to build a community, camping out, attending workshops, live music, DJ’s and of course plenty of time to plant trees in order to give back to our land.

She looks forward to meeting you all and having a bit of light-hearted creative fun.

Here are some of her links

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