Performance Techniques for Everyday Speeches and Presentations with Océane

This class has passed
This class has passed

At work or in our private lives, we all have to step up and speak in front of a group or an audience at some time.

Being confident in these situations is far from our natural response! It’s often nerve-racking, scary, and can make us feel anxious. But you can change that!

As a former dance performer and currently a teacher and coach, Océane will help you become the public speaker/performer you hope to be.

Through various exercises and anecdotes from her own experience, get tips on how to present, gain confidence to speak up and be yourself in a group.

What will we cover?

During this hands-on class you will:

  • Learn how to overcome your fear of speaking up.
  • Get tips for speakers and performers (stage presence, body language, voice & stress management…)
  • Learn how to adapt when things go wrong (develop your flexibility & adaptability)
  • Get to know what tools are the best for you (Powerpoint, micro, whiteboard…)

What will you need?

– Make a list of three things you’re proud of and one thing that scares you most when having to speak in front of a group.
– If you have a speech you would like to practice, please bring it! (not a requirement)


  • Wheelchair Accessible Space
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Discounted Early Bird Tickets
  • Free Tickets for First Nation Attendees
  • Auslan Interpreters Upon Request

Who will be teaching?

Océane (She/Her) is a French artist entrepreneur who founded Enjoy French (with Oceane), a special language school where people can express their creativity while learning French and experiencing French culture.

Océane is currently developing fun & convivial workshops using interactive and creative activities (such as cooking and calligraphy) to introduce the French language and culture to non-native speakers.

Important info:

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