Perfume: Fragrance Masterclass

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you ever wondered what perfume actually is and why there are so many different types?

This class is a unique insight into the intriguing world of perfume. Conducted by Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room, this class gives attendees a glimpse inside this very secretive world. Learn about perfumers and how they create perfume, explore raw materials and try different fragrances. Discover the difference between designer fragrances and artisan perfume. Attendees will also learn how to select suitable fragrances for themselves and how to wear and store perfume.

What will we cover?

The class will cover:

· Origin of the word perfume
· History of perfume
· Who wore perfume throughout history and how they influenced the perfume industry
· Perfumers training and how they create perfume
· Fragrance families – demonstrated with examples of each
· Famous fragrances and their stories
· Synthetic versus natural materials
· Discussion of the origins of raw materials with an opportunity to smell some examples
· Mass versus niche perfume
· Fragrance wardrobe – different fragrance for different seasons and occasions
· How to chose a fragrance that suits
· How to wear and store perfume

Who will be teaching?

Samantha Taylor is a fragrance specialist with 20 years experience in the perfume industry. She is the owner of The Powder Room, a boutique agency specialising in artisan perfume and beauty. The Powder Room imports and distributes perfume brands from around the world, as well as creates fragrance and scented products for fashion brands and sensory branding.