Photography Basics

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

You might know that photography can be so easy that it is hard.

Exotic subjects don’t always make compelling images; yet there are potentially many interesting photographs in your immediate surroundings at any given time. The photographic problem is much like a puzzle, the difference being there is always more than one configuration.

What we will cover?

This class will focus around a personal approach to photographic composition. Through a set of discussions and practical exercises we will look at the dynamics that make successful photographs as well as what separates the photographic process from other art forms. There will be an emphasis on “in-camera” photography to develop good discipline with a minimal focus on post production.

As a guide, this is a means to build practices that will give you more control over the end result. You will walk away with an altered outlook and a few simple guidelines to help you make more considered and consistent photographs.

It is recommended that you have some basics in photography and that you bring a digital camera to participate in the practical parts of the class.

Who will be teaching?

Dan Sibley’s photography practice stems from an extensive background in fine art printmaking and painting spanning nearly two decades. Carrying much of this discipline into photography, he offers a unique perspective regarding both the practical and conceptual concerns of photography.

Dan Sibley is the co founder of Photodust an Asian Pacific curatorial project. You can view samples of Dan’s work here.