Poker: The Diamond Hearts Club

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Betting before the turn, moving in pre-flop, checking it down to the river… As opposed to titles of B grade Hollywood movies these are but a few of the intricate terminology that is Texas Hold’em Poker.

If you’ve ever been asked to play a game of poker with friends but were too scared then this is the class for you. We’ll learn the basics and the tricks, from the basic hand and betting structures. This class will equip you with all the info you need to play in any home game or casino. Play your cards right and the next time you find yourself in an amorous game of strip poker your clothing will be intact, temporarily we hope!

What will we cover?

Whilst having a fun evening playing a few hands you will learn:

  • Hand values
  • Betting
  • Poker terms
  • To manage a bank roll
  • How to play a real game

Followed by a Q & A, of course.

Who will be teaching?

NigelAfter cutting his teeth against old ladies in retirement villages across Melbourne, Nigel decided long ago that the casino was the next move. He spent many late nights analysing the errors of his ways and then it was time to take his game to a higher place, Las Vegas. After playing many cash games and tournaments he returned home to play and actually make money like an adult. His best win was about $10k if you must know.