Polymer Clay: Miniature Food for Beginners

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wondered how those cute miniature fridge magnets are made? How about those cute Macaron shaped earrings on Etsy that always costs more than your average Sunday brunch? Alas, the era of paying too much for miniature charms is long gone – now you can make your own within the confines of your own home.

Polymer Clay is a medium that is easy to work with, fun to mould and suitable for all ages. Once you have mastered the basics, imagination would be your only limit.

What will we cover?

PART I: The following questions will be answered

  • What is Polymer Clay?
  • What can I do with Polymer Clay?
  • Where can I get Polymer Clay?
  • How do I ‘revive’ old, hard polymer clay

PART II: Miniature food workshop

  • Teacher’s demonstration
  • Make your own mini food product!

Who will be teaching?

dp1By day Eddy is an IT consultant working with Excel sheets, Power point slides, e-mail, e-mails and more e-mails. By night Eddy turns into a full time claying machine. Her favourite past time involves craft knives, polymer clay, an oven, and pop music.