Quantum Mechanics Made Easy-ish

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Baffled by quantum physics? Congratulations, you’re doing it right! This class will show you the 20th century’s most reality-shaking theory in action, and tell you the things we do know and the things that not even Einstein thought made sense.

What will we cover?

With a live demonstration of the famous double slit experiment, we’ll answer the questions:

  • What is a quantum anyway?
  • How can light be both a wave and a particle?
  • Does God play dice with the universe?
  • How can I change reality just by looking at it?
  • Is Schrödinger’s cat (pictured) alive or dead?
  • Hang on, are you saying teleportation is real?

And along the way we’ll point out the quantum technology you encounter in your daily life.

Who will be teaching?

chris lassigChris Lassig is a former theoretical particle physicist who once wrote a paper called ‘Phenomenology of the two Higgs doublet sector of a quark-lepton symmetric model’, so he ought to know what it all means. And fortunately, since then he’s also learnt to speak English and is currently a presenter on the program Lost in Science, on 3CR community radio.