Quick & Easy Breads

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Most of us buy our bread from the supermarket, the same old stuff week after week, not realising that we could actually be making a great range of breads ourselves at home with minimal time and ingredients!

What will we cover?

This will be a hands on class, where everyone will have the chance to get their hands dirty. We’ll have a look at a few different breads that can be easily made at home, from fried flat breads to share with dips and wine with friends, to Italian style piadina bread, as well as a really easy yeast-free loaf of bread.

Who will be teaching?

JessJess is an Italian raised ex-travel agent, personal trainer, tea drinker, book nerd, martial artist and blogger, with an insatiable taste for travel and good food. She loves to eat her way around the world, bringing home what she’s learnt to put into practice in her kitchen. She also loves to share those adventures on her blog.