Quick Indian Breakfasts: Dosa and Upma

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wanted to know what a typical Indian breakfast consists of? India being such a diverse country and every region has its own brekkie recipes. There are more than 200 brekkie dishes alone! In this class we’ll learn how to make dosa, a traditional rice pancake usually served with vegetables and upma, a thick porridge from dry roasted semolina or coarse rice flour.

What will we cover?

In this class we will learn to make some common quick brekkie dishes which are healthy and yummy at the same time. A quick introduction to the ingredients will be followed by a demonstration of the procedure. All the ingredients are readily available.

Who will be teaching?

Archana is a passionate cook who loves to cook for her family and friearch 2nds. the thought of introducing quick nutritious brekkie items is what motivated her to teach this class. She is also a lover and brewer of chai made in the typical Indian style.