Revamping Your Personal Image for Spring with Rachel ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Want to put a new confident spring in your step? Then how about a revamp of your personal image, a fresh new look to match the arrival of a new spring season! Presenting a new version of yourself to the world can help lift our spirits and self confidence.

The core aim of personal image consulting is to help you find your own personal image and best version of you that makes you feel good too. Personal image consulting considers three aspects: appearance, behaviour and communication. In this intro session, we’ll talk about ‘appearance image’, as we all know first impressions are important. Start this spring season on the right foot and step out in style.

What will we cover?

Firstly we will take some time to understand what is ‘personal image consulting’ and then explore the three steps of ‘appearance / image’. These are:

  • Face: we will analyse your face through four different perspectives and talk about image tips based on each face image factors.
  • Body: then we’ll discover body types and how to find a great style for your body image.
  • Colour: to finalise your look, you will find your personal colour that makes you shine.

Come along and revitalise how to look your best for this spring.

What will you need?

Please have on hand:

  • Your own mirror
  • Raid your wardrobe for clothes, accessories, shoes and make-up that you usually wear.
  • Pink and peach paper & or items of clothing of that colour

Who will be teaching?

Rachel Chung

Rachel Chung has over 10 years of experience as an international image consultant. She believes that ‘everyone has great inner strength, waiting to come out and she is here to unleash that potential’. Rachel understands that every human being is different, and she caters to the client’s individual requirements to suit their personality, body shape, colours, lifestyle and age. She specialises in making lasting impressions for her clients by carefully selecting skincare, cosmetics and nutritional health products and personal development programs. She is the founder of Essence Consulting, a leading Melbourne-based consulting agency that provides a wide range of services to help organisations and individuals – both men and women – to be the best they can by harnessing the power of personal development.