The Science of Eating Healthy

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates, father of medicine (431 B.C).

Would you like to know how to eat your way to great health and top performing genes? Then keep on reading. Many cultures report on the healing properties of food, around the world and throughout history. The last 30 years have witnessed an incredible explosion of laboratory and clinical research. These studies have demonstrated what health benefits individual foods can offer and identify the specific nutrients or chemicals associated with these benefits.

We now know that the foods we eat can change the behaviour of genes involved in cancer progression, dementia and other diseases. That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

What will we cover?

In this beginner’s class, we will learn just how the foods we eat can change our genes. Using evidence-based, scientific information we’ll debunk and uncover different diets and eating styles with an emphasis on:

  • How foods can modify the function of genes in the DNA
  • Which foods have been proven to improve body functions
  • Whether the concept of ‘everything in moderation’ really works
  • What daily actions we can engage in to help our genes perform better

Who will be teaching?

Pamela profile picturePam is a self confessed foodie and science lover. She completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in Queensland before moving to Melbourne. She is a strong advocate for promoting science in schools, and for scientists to translate their work for the lay public in a fun, easy and approachable way.