Science in the Kitchen

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

How much salt should I add to cooking pasta? Why does lemon juice stop cut apples turning brown? Why does milk overflow when it’s boiling, but water doesn’t? How does vodka stay liquid in the freezer, and is there a way to make it turn solid at home? Why does chocolate ‘seize up’ when it’s overcooked?

This class will examine the science behind all these questions and more.

What will we cover?

Make ice cream from scratch. Find out fascinating facts. Learn the science behind the day-to-day things that happen in your own kitchen, and how to use it for for fun and profit*.

  • What happens to food when it’s cooked?
  • How about when it freezes?
  • How is molecular gastronomy different to what I do at home?
  • What are the basic principles of food preservation?
  • And did we mention that we will be making ice cream from scratch?

* profit may be an over-statement.

Who will be teaching?

Maia SaurenMaia has a wide variety of geek credentials including a PhD in electrical engineering. Arguably her biggest claim to fame is killing a bee for science at the age of 5. She has been experimenting with food and science for most of her life, and has found out rather a lot of trivia about both along the way.