Black Coffee – 5 Brews in 50 Minutes

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Brewing your own coffee can be daunting, but then again, so is your bank balance if you source your stimulants on the outside. From sleek, stylish and sexy to plain and simple there are a million and one ways to cook up a cup of joe, and they don’t all require an expensive espresso machine.

Here we’ll introduce you to five of the best that you can do at home.

What will we cover?

The class will begin with an introduction to some basic coffee concepts and dos and don’ts followed by a practical and hands on demonstration using the following equipment:

  • AeroPress
  • Pour over
  • Siphon
  • Clever Dripper
  • Plus one surprise wildcard brewer

There will also be a chance to buy the equipment used during the class, so you can put what you learn into practice the very next day.

Who will be teaching?

Mark FreeMark Free has been a barista for 6 years, working in specialty coffee for the last 4. Last year he founded Black Coffee: an ever evolving concept enabling the enjoyment of fine coffee anywhere, any time. His motto is ‘No milk. No sugar. No espresso. No bullshit.’