Sex, Murder and Greek Theatre

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Everyone knows about Shakespeare, but what should we know about the Greeks?

Greek theatre is pretty old, and raunchy too! Getting the gossip on Greek theatre is a window into modern life. The ancient Greeks influenced and informed the Western world through their comedy and drama.

What will we cover?

This class debunks:

  • The famous masks of Greek tragedy and comedy
  • Why it has lasted >2500 years
  • What an ampitheatre of some 15,000 people got from it
  • What it offers us today

This is a completely accessible introduction to Greek theatre and its effect on us today. It will contextualise the famous comedy and tragedy masks that are the basis of all Western theatre.

Discover how certain characters have made their way into our every day psychology. Marvel at the predictability of political leaders falling from power. Be tickled pink by women withholding sexual favours to stop a war! All of which gives you great dinner party prattle. You could even have a go at being a king or a deranged murderer!

The change from a polytheist society (think ancient Greek mythology) to a democracy created a people in crisis, and this crisis can give birth to amazing art.

Who will be teaching?

Brenda Addie profile pictureBrenda Addie is potty about Greek theatre. She’s taught Theatre Studies and Acting and you might even have seen her on the box! This year, once more she’ll travel to Greece to Play To The Gods! You can get more info at All The World’s A Stage Theatre Tours.