Singing Beyond the Shower

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Love to sing but get shy as soon as you leave the shower? Or wish you could sing but don’t know where to start?

Come and learn some simple, achievable techniques that will give you the confidence to take your voice out of the shower, or from speaking to singing, in no time. We’ll also learn about some great ways that technology can make your singing journey easier than ever before.

What will we cover?

Starting with simple exercises, we will build up your toolkit of singing techniques to take you from speaking to humming to speaking in rhythm and finally to singing. By the end of the class you will be confidently singing some classic folk and early rock songs.

Learn about tongue position, breathing and vowels and find out how to extend your vocal range (sing higher and lower). We’ll also get info on where to find the best backing tracks online, tips on how to learn new songs and find out the best apps to help you practise.

You’ll go home with plenty of tools for indulging in a good sing any time you wish!

Who will be teaching?

VanessaVanessa is a singer, composer and dancer whose performance work ranges from cabaret singing to experimental sound art. She loves to teach both music and dance and especially enjoys helping people find out what their voice can sound like when they are given the right tools. Her most recent experimental sound art work involves making new music from the sounds of old technology – check out her page on Facebook.