Slow It Up: Film Photography

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Why the hype about film photography? Learn how to use film photography to slow it up and engage in a more physical photography experience. The lack of immediacy afforded in film photography will push you into being more patient, more mindful and the process of creating a photograph will become more satisfying. Film will take you right back to making (not taking) photographs.

What will we cover?

During this class we will be going back to basics. We will briefly visit film types, camera formats, shutter speed, aperture, metering, lighting, composition. Mostly though, we’ll be engaging with our film cameras to practice this stuff to make photographs using film.

Who will be teaching?

Aliki Komps is a Melbourne based film photographer with a cross disciplinary background in psychology and philosophy. She is actively engaged in the practice of film photography and is also the founder of She Shoots Film. After a decade of using film, her eclectic mix of portraiture, family, children, events and experimentals aims to question and stir something in our sense of being.

She has expressed that “In a world where striving for perfection is often an objective, film provides me a space to breathe. Taking film shots allows me to look at the world differently. To stop. To look. To see. Compress the shutter release. One moment. No delete. I’ve been using film for close to a decade and it still feels like I’m at the very start of my journey.”

Visit her website Morning With You or an Interview between film photographer Kevin Lim and Aliki here.