The Ideology Smackdown: Socialism vs Capitalism

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

It is the defining question of the last century; should the wealthy few be responsible for the needs of the many? Or should success be rewarded and the lazy left to look after themselves?

Even after the end of the Cold War this debate continues to define politics both within Australia and internationally, and despite decades of furious, and often violent debate, we seem no closer to answering this simple question. Until now!

Grab your comrades or your fellow entrepreneurs and come stake your claim in the Ideological Smackdown!

What will we cover?

Using ethical frameworks participants of both sides will explore both their own positions and those of their opponents.

Learn how that opposition is possible, and work together to determine what the truth of the matter is.

Who will be teaching?

Gordon Young is a professional ethicist and environmental consultant. He is a lecturer in Professional Ethics at RMIT, Principle at Ethilogical Consulting and writer at, where he explores a new topic each week.