Songwriting 101

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

A lot of people would love to write songs, but don’t know how to start writing a tune, how to put all their ideas together, or how to finish a song. From the outside, it can seem like magic. In this workshop we’ll explore the songwriting process from inspiration to completion – you may even leave humming a new tune!

What we will cover?

Learn about the songwriting process, from inspiration to theory, practice and performance. We’ll cover the four main stages of creativity, identify how things flow and why writing blocks take place. If you’re stuck at the starting line or lost in the creative jungle, this class is for you.

Joe OPP BioWho will be teaching?

Joe is a singer-songwriter and teacher with over 12 years experience writing and performing on guitar, piano and Ableton Live. Joe created Songcraft to mentor aspiring songwriters and collaborate with amazing artists.

On top of his teaching and touring, Joe also provides Cleanup Entertainment for festivals such as Rainbow Serpent and Strawberry Fields, has produced an album of music-for-poetry for local wordsmith Fleassy Malay, and conducts group and online courses teaching Songcraft and the Creative Loop