Spice It Up

This class has passed
This class has passed

What is it all about

This spice class is all about the basic spices everyone should know about. What spice is used for what and how to mix the basic spices to get the right flavour for you!

What will we cover?

The spice class introduces spices, their benefits and properties and how they can be combined with other spices to get the best flavour. Not all spices make the food “hot” and one should not be afraid to experiment with them. This class will give you enough confidence to create a meal at your home using spices and will encourage you to explore tastes you haven’t explored before!

Who will be teaching?

DSC_0090Deepti is a foodie. She loves to cook as well. She came to Australia 14 years ago and missed mum’s home-cooked meals. This is when her true culinary adventure started. She tried, tasted and tried again to perfect some of the authentic Indian recipes. She shared her knowledge with friends by teaching them in her own kitchen. With over 30 spices in her kitchen, she prides in using separate spices for specific taste in certain dishes. She will share some of her spices with you, you will smell and taste the spices yourself and also go home with a spice mix for some delicious potatoes.