Tackling Retirement

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Planning for retirement means getting your finances in order for when you stop work, right? Yes, but, financial security is only part of what’s needed for a successful, enjoyable, and fulfilling retirement. Good health and physical fitness are also very important.

And what about your mental state? Not working leaves you with lots of free time. What’s needed to fill all this time is a range of interesting and intellectually stimulating activities. You want to keep your brain active, and also remain engaged with social circles. But these activities, whatever they might be, don’t automatically materialise. So what are we to do?

What will we cover?

We need to tackle retirement. Once our working lives are over, we need to take a pro-active approach to bringing new activities and interests into our lives. These ensure we get the mental stimulation and social connection we need. Positive action to build on existing hobbies and interests, and/or create new ones, broadens and enriches our lives.

Join us in this interactive class, to consider and discuss how we can develop a new and enjoyable life in retirement. Sure, we’ll chat about getting our finances in order, looking after our health, grand-child minding duties, and casting off regrets. But mostly we’ll consider how we can pro-actively create a new, interesting and stimulating life as a retired person.

Whether you’re already retired, or contemplating it, you’re never too young, or old, to explore this important topic.

Who will be teaching?

Stephen PetersonStephen Peterson ceased employment in March 2014. He is a qualified lawyer, and has worked in many other fields including finance, lobbying, public relations and various forms of writing. He has also set up and operated three micro-businesses, two of them overseas.

Since retiring, he has transformed his life into one full of activities that he believes are worthwhile, and from which he gains much enjoyment and satisfaction. His social connectedness has also greatly benefited from these activities. Stephen is keen to draw on his own personal experience to assist others approaching retirement, or already in it, to create an enjoyable and rewarding life as retirees.