Taste Coffee Like a Boss

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Cafe culture is an important aspect of Melbourne life – but how evolved is your coffee palate?  Identifying the subtleties of coffee flavours doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience. Tangy, earthy, smoky, tart or citrus: come and upgrade your coffee vocabulary and refine your coffee taste buds.  This class is sure to send you to the nearest trendy cafe to confidently discuss tasting notes with the server (while inquiring about the filter and single origin offerings of the day). Even after a hard day’s work, this coffee-tasting class promises to re-energise your body and re-caffeinate your mood.

What will we cover?

You’ll learn valuable tips to:

  • Educate your coffee palate,
  • Understand coffee terminology,
  • Identify acidity and sweetness,
  • Appreciate complexity of taste.

Be confident when discussing coffee with even the biggest experts.

Who will be teaching?

shanny (2)Shanny Sena has worked in the specialty coffee industry for eight years. She currently works for Reverence Coffee Roasters and moonlights as the Melbourne correspondent for Barista Magazine. In her spare time she can be found sipping coffee in cafes with her husband and two dogs, or running fun coffee popups with Filter Coffee Brewers.