The Bonsoy Wallet: Salvage Art

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you drink milk? Eat cereal? Read magazines? How about some chocolate? A nice bottle of wine? Beer? Do you throw the waste from these products into your yellow lidded bin? Of course you do, otherwise your kitchen would be as cluttered as mine. No need to keep everything, just find something with potential…

What will we cover?

  • Salvage art design principles used when inventing and perfecting prototypes.
  • What can be re-used? How to find the right material for the purpose.
  • A few tricks of the trade. Shortcuts and handy hints.
  • Make a card wallet from a bonsoy carton.

To start with there’s a Stanley knife warm-up, so if you’re rusty on your precision, we’ll fix that before we get going. Then we’ll go step by step through each cut and fold, it’s just origami really, no glue.

Who will be teaching?

Chloe GunnChloe Gunn is a theatre maker and salvage artist. Crafty since she was a kid, she loves playing with connector pens, hot glue guns and her best friend, Stanley the knife. After completing her degree last year, Chloe got lost in South East Asia, an Indonesian recycle artist found her and her journey continued. Having returned to Melbourne, Chloe has started Gunnbelievable Salvage Art and her studio workshop will be opening soon.