The Infinite Possibilites of Modular Origami

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Instead of folding representations of things like cranes and flowers modular origami involves folding multiple identical units which can then be assembled in different ways to create beautiful geometrical forms. There are mathematical elements in terms of how the units are assembled. There are aesthetic elements in the choices of papers, textures and colours. There are even meditative elements as you fold your way through the units, and more advanced forms definitely require a good deal of patience!

What will we cover?

You’ll learn how to make some simple forms of modular origami using some pretty Japanese papers. We’ll also cover some of the basics on different kinds of paper and give you some ideas for more creations using anything you can cut and fold.

There will be plenty of demonstrations along the way, and you will wind up with your very own octahedral creation to take home and show off your new origami skills, along with instructions so you can keep exploring the possibilities. One lucky participant will also win a beautiful icosahedral floral globe to take home.

Who will be teaching?

Zoë Velonis comes from a long dynasty of origamists, using techniques and closely-guarded family secrets handed down by generations of forebears — no, actually she saw a modular origami book and thought they looked pretty and interesting and taught herself how to make them. She has made origami globes out of office paper, photographs, recycled magazines, brochures and post-it notes as well as more conventional papers. Having inflicted origami on most of her friends and family, she’s decided to reach out to a wider audience to spread the message of peace through paper folding.