Sustainable Urban Living

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Think you could do more reduce your impact on the environment, save money and be healthier? Like the convenience (or price) of living close to the city but not the lack of space to garden? Want to be more involved in the production of your food?

In this class you will learn some tips that will reduce your environmental impact, reduce your shopping bill and will reward you with home growing satisfaction! We will look at strategies for more sustainable urban living in terms of gardening with only a balcony, seed saving, sprouting, and composting so that you are sure to go home with at least one skill you can apply on a daily basis (willpower permitting).

What will we cover?

In the class we will cover:

  • Win-win tips that will save you money, reduce your footprint, and help you lead a healthier life
  • Seed saving (you’ll get to take some home!) with a few different types of plants as examples
  • Sprouting – a great way to grow food so that you don’t have to get them at the supermarket (saving packaging) and you don’t even need any outdoor space
  • Tips for gardening with limited space
  • Composting / worm farm options
  • And a touch of urban foraging & guerrilla gardening

By the time you leave you will be able to live healthier, more affordably, tread lighter on the earth, and be ready to have fun by producing your own food. And as an added bonus, the teacher (who is into a wide spectrum of Do-It-Yourself projects) will provide some home-brewed beer (made from scratch) to sip on during the class. Tasty!

Who will be teaching?

LoreleiLorelei Schmitt has been gardening and harvesting since she was born (or so it feels like), and she is continually learning new skills to up her DIY profile. She likes doing stuff herself, but has also found people think it’s cool, so she’s happy to share the tricks of the trade to anyone who wants to learn.