The Joy of Sleep with Thomas (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Do you suffer from lack of sleep? 

Does your mind race at night, leaving you exhausted during the day? 

Have sleeping problems affected your work, social life or relationships? 

Come and learn some techniques to get better sleep from recovering insomniac and Doctor of Philosophy, Tom. 

What will we cover?

In this 75-minute workshop we will explore: 

  • The science of sleep and sleep cycles
  • Why we wake in the night
  • Preparing your body, mind and environment for sleep
  • Mindfulness and body-scanning
  • What to do when you find yourself awake


    • Closed Captions
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    • Auslan Interpreters Upon Request

    Who will be teaching? 

    Thomas (he/him) PhD, is a sleep enthusiast and recovering insomniac. 

    For the last 13 years he has tried to find better ways to sleep. 

    He has studied the topic and will share his lived experience. When not sleeping, he is an environmental scientist.

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