The Right Way to San José

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Sure, travelling alone can seem frightening. But there is difference in being alone and being lonely. Doing it solo forges connections to new people and places that may not have been otherwise possible.

Maybe you’ve travelled before with company, or maybe you’ve never left your home town. Either way, if you’re feeling the travel itch, flying alone can be a great opportunity for self-discovery. Or it can simply be loads of fun. The Right Way to San José gives you the confidence to do it on your own, confirming that the journey can be as exciting as the destination itself.

What will we cover?

We’ll cover basic tips for solo travellers, including:

  • Budgeting – food and travel
  • What type of accommodation suits you?
  • How to make friends
  • Who to avoid
  • Embracing your own company
  • Programs and tours – is there one out there for you?
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family

The class will also include some role plays for demonstrating how to get out of sticky situations. But most importantly, you can find out the important answer for “The Right Way to San José.”

Who will be teaching?

Lauren BasserLauren Basser is a student at Monash University, and spent 11 months travelling on her own during her gap year, volunteering in South America for 5 months before backpacking around Asia, USA and Europe. Since then she’s travelled back to Central America for 3 months and is in the process of planning another trip.

She’s survived dengue fever in a Guatemalan hospital, a derailed train in Peru, a 25 hour bus ride next to a parrot and a monkey, 4 months of backpacking with a one-legged suitcase, and a miscalculated flight to the wrong San Jose. Her experiences only confirm the excitement and liberation of travelling on her own, and she has endeavoured to pass on her knowledge to as many people as she can.