Tips and Tricks to Writing Your Memoir with Ashley (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

So you’re thinking of writing a memoir and you’re not sure how to start. Or you’ve already started and you’re not sure how to keep going.

Writing a memoir can be a therapeutic process. But it can also be challenging, whether you’re doing it to better understand yourself and the events of your life, or with the aim of publication.

In this workshop from published author Ashley Kalagian Blunt, you’ll learn tips and tricks to make the process easier and rewarding.

This is a workshop for novice writers in the beginning stages of writing a memoir or thinking about starting one.

What will we cover?

• What’s the difference between memoir and biography anyway?
• How do you write about real people, including family?
• How do you get started? How do you keep going?
• Can the process be therapeutic?
• How do you write a memoir that people want to read?
• What’s the deal with getting published?

You’ll have a chance to discuss your challenges and ask lots of questions. 

We’ll also do a short writing exercise to help you get in touch with your project. By the end, you’ll feel confident about tackling your memoir draft.

What to bring 

  • A notebook and pen work best, though you may prefer to write on your device. Whatever works for you!


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  • Auslan Interpreters Upon Request

Who will be teaching? 

Ashley (she/her) is the author of How to Be Australian and My Name Is Revenge, which was a finalist in the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award. Her writing appears in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, Australian Book Review, Overland, Griffith Review, Sydney Review of Books and more. 

Ashley is a Moth StorySLAM winner and has appeared at Story Club, the National Young Writers’ Festival, and Sydney Writers’ Festival. She co-hosts James and Ashley Stay at Home, a podcast about writing, creativity and health.

Find her at and at @AKalagianBlunt across social media.

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