Traditional Calligraphy – The Essentials for Beginners with Pascale ONLINE

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This class will cover everything calligrapher Pascale Twikler wish she knew two years ago when she started a hobby and then her career in traditional calligraphy.

Pascale will talk a little about the history of calligraphy and styles, including Spencerian and English Roundhand (otherwise known as Copperplate) and then guide you into your first steps into the traditional art of calligraphy.

What will we cover?

Together we will explore:

  • Essential calligraphy tools, including paper, inks, nibs and how to use and care for them
  • Practice basic strokes, letter structures and create your first calligraphy
  • Useful learning resources and social media groups

What will you need?

  • Paper
  • Calligraphy pen, nibs and ink
  • Alternatively you use pencils, markers / pens if you don’t have the traditional pens on hand.

Who will be teaching?

Melbourne-based calligrapher Pascale Twikler is a professional calligrapher, specialising in classical pointed pen calligraphy.

Pascale founded The Calligraphy Co. in 2018 and has worked with some of the world’s most reputable international luxury brands, as well as local PR and events companies.

Trained in Europe and Australia under master penmen and world-renowned calligraphers, Pascale has developed a strong affiliation with Spencerian and English Roundhand scripts with a modern edge.

You can follow her work on her Instagram  or Website