Trauma, the Brain and the Body

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

From its inception as a term for a single event and its ongoing effect on one’s life, the concept of Trauma has broadened to include many distressing occurrences for an organism. The focus is now on the impact of the event rather than the event itself.

We will explore the contemporary definition and what this means to all of us.

What will we cover?

This relaxed session will cover:

  • Defining trauma and the history of the term
  • Trauma and the brain – what is happening in the brain when trauma is experienced and how does this impact the future processing in the brain?
  • Trauma and the body – what is experienced by the body during trauma?

Who will be teaching?

Peter McKay is a Somatic Psychotherapist with a private practice in the CBD, who has a keen interest in anything related to the Human Condition.  In addition to seeing private clients he also co-facilitates workshops on emotionally intelligent parenting and social and emotional learning for children.