Travel On A Budget And Make Connections

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Travel is something everyone talks about and wants to do, yet some people still think it has to cost lots of money – it doesn’t. This class will teach you that travel is affordable and open to everyone if you’re willing to learn the secrets.

You can travel around the world a whole lot cheaper than you think – if you are open to budgets, living like a local, and connecting with people.

With some knowledge and expert tips, you will feel confident to book those flights and launch into your next adventure. The world is waiting for you and people everywhere want to meet you!

What we will cover?

In this class you will learn tips for how to:

• Choose dates and flights to get cheaper tickets
• Select your best accommodation options
• Make your money stretch further
• Connect with people and make a tonne of new friends

There will be a few exercises to practice your connection skills, so bring a smile and expect to have fun. These will help you make connections with people in all areas of your life, not just when travelling, so that’s an added bonus!

Who will be teaching?

Belinda Jane is an avid traveller with stories and experiences from 59 countries around the world. Most of her travels have been as a solo, independent, female traveller, although some tours have been taken along the way.

Belinda is the eldest child of seven siblings, and has an intense curiosity for people and learning. Having forever been the ‘go-to person’ when something needed to be done. While her long-term travels are diminishing, yet her love of travel, human connections and helping people achieve their dreams remains strong.