Uno, Dos, Tres… Piñata!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Today in Mexico Piñatas are one of the best and most fun activities at parties; there is no birthday without a Piñata. They are filled with candies or any goodies/freebies you wish to give and share. One by one, each person in the party gets to hit the piñata blind-folded until someone breaks it, then the goodies inside the piñata spread on the floor and everybody tries their best to win them. You have got to be fast and clever to get the best candies!

Piñatas have a long history dating back to the 14th century but their current use, symbolism and manufacture is different. In this class we will learn how to make a basic Mexican piñata: it is super fun and easy!

What will we cover?

  • How to make a piñata shell from scratch.
  • How to create the structure of a star-shaped piñata.
  • Different techniques to decorate a piñata with crepe and tissue paper.

You will need to bring along a few materials like old newspapers, catalogues (junk mail) and a cereal box  This is a class were we might get a bit dirty, so bring an apron/old t-shirt and gloves if you want to keep your hands clean.

Who will be teaching it?

TaniaTania comes from the beautiful south of Mexico and Spanish is her native language. She loves her culture and can teach you everything you want to know about it. She’s a newlywed, crazy in love and this makes her want to be the best person in the world, to stay positive and to put love in every single thing she does. She has been living in Melbourne for 2 years and just finished her Masters in Global Media Communication. She has experience in media, graphic design, events and she’s crazy about any kind of DIY projects.