Urban Mindfulness: Science and Practice

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Modern life is changing the way our brains work. We are inundated with sensory experiences and overwhelmed with information and choices. We are trying to operate on warp speed most of the time and as a result experience less wellbeing and more stress, anxiety and depression. Want a way to stop the cycle? Want to learn how to slow down, calm your mind and tune-in to what matters most?

What will we cover?

This class explores the science and practice of urban mindfulness – the ability to focus attention in the present moment. We will talk about the mechanics of mindfulness as well as doing some formal and informal mindfulness practices (e.g., meditation, mindful conversations, mindful eating). The sessions are interactive, practical, playful and tailored to daily urban life. You will leave with ideas and tools to help you create your own mindfulness plan for slowing down, calming your mind and building happiness.

Who will be teaching?

Jo Mitchell is a clinical psychologist who works at The Mind Room and the AFL Players Association. She is passionate about sharing serious science via playful wellbeing workshops. She finds her own happiness in being an awesome Auntie, practical scientist, and an ambassador for