Henna Love – The Ancient Indian Art

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

You might know henna as the popular trend that swept through Hollywood a few years ago. You might know henna as the ancient Indian art form used for a woman’s marriage. Or you might not know anything about henna…

Henna has a rich and diverse history. It has been used in many cultures, and has many meanings and unique designs. It is easy to make, easy to apply, and a portable craft you can take with you throughout summer and use to decorate yourself and your friends in a natural way. Henna comes out rich and brown on the skin, and lasts around a week.

What will we cover?

We’ll give you an introduction into the ancient traditional body art that is henna. Learn how to make natural henna from scratch, using only natural products, and the techniques of henna design and application so that you can become a henna artist yourself. You can stick with traditional designs, or create your own. You can take henna anywhere, show it off on your skin and give henna tattoos to all your friends as gifts. Henna has traditionally been a women’s bonding ritual, used in rights of passage such as marriage and pregnancy, but men can have fun with it too. Come and discover the magic of henna!

  • History of henna
  • Meaning and symbols behind henna
  • How to make henna from natural products
  • Techniques of application
  • Practice and receive a henna design
  • How to look after your henna

Who will be teaching?

Zoë has been working with henna for four years. She has run numerous henna stalls at markets and festivals, as well as running workshops and henna parties.