Veggie Plots: Know Your Plants, Keep Them Alive!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever had a plant you have loved and lost? Can’t bear the suffering anymore? Come along to this class and learn how to prevent that and keep the plants in your veggie plots alive and well!

Gardening can be the most rewarding thing, growing something from scratch in your own home, seeing it develop each day and eventually harvesting something edible! Learn how to plant and keep your own food alive.

What will we cover?

Through real life pictures, personal experiences and explanations, Muy will share her story on how she started her own veggie plot, which has now turned into a food forest.

We will then cover how you can start your own food forest, as well as personal tips on how to keep the plants alive. Finally, we will discuss what to do if it doesn’t work out – no feelings of guilt – and how to find the motivation to understand why and start over.

Who will be teaching?

Muy Ferretto is an avid gardener with her own jungle growing in her backyard. She doesn’t own a lawn mower as no grass grows due to the veggies covering her whole backyard. She delights in picking her veggies for dinner each day from the garden, and wants others to be able to do that as well!