Walk Like an Egyptian: Belly Dancing

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

What we in the West refer to as Belly Dancing is an ancient form of dance practiced by women of all ages in many diverse countries. It is a graceful and extremely feminine art form that has captivated artists, writers, travellers and many others down the years with its alluring nature.

Having belly dance in your life gives you grace, poise, confidence, and the chance to make new friends and have a lot of fun.

What will we cover?

One of the most traditional and sophisticated forms of belly dance is Egyptian beledi. Al-beledi means ‘of the people’ and this very earthy form of the dance is practised barefoot. You’ll learn about the history, the different styles and the heart and soul of the dance. Safe practice will be emphasised, so there will be a warm-up and you will learn the correct posture to assume.

Some of the moves covered will be: sizzling hip shimmies, flirty hip flicks, fabulous figure eights, sensuous hip circles, mesmerizing snake arms, and cheeky shoulder shimmies.

Who will be teaching?

Kirsty and Caroline have been studying belly dance for seven years between them at ‘Urban Gypsy Belly Dance Studio‘ with their fabulous teacher Jenni. The studio is located in Essendon and there are also classes in Pascoe Vale. They are both passionate about the dance and the positive influence that it has in women’s lives. They form part of a troupe called Beledicious and have performed together at festivals, restaurants, community fundraisers, and parties.