Wear Colour Like a Style Master

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you dream of creating or transforming your own personal style, but find that you’re not sure where to start? This workshop will give you the confidence and skills to put outfits together that make you feel amazing and look incredible by choosing the colours that suit you best.

What will we cover?

This workshop will help you:

  • Truly feel that your clothing brings out the real you.
  • Guide you through a fun and engaging process where you will discover your individual style and create looks that reflect your personality.
  • Feel confidant; eliminate the anguish and frustration of getting dressed by creating perfect outfits every time.
  • Give you a step by step formula to carry out your own wardrobe audit and organise your closet into a simple style system that makes getting ready a breeze.
  • Create a WOW look and bring your complexion alive.
  • Look slimmer and younger when you wear colours that suit your skin tone and natural colouring. Learn the meaning behinds colours to confidently identify the colours that suit you and exude your personality.

Who will be teaching?

staceyStacey Taras is an Image Strategist and Principal Stylist for My Personal Fashion Stylist. She specialises in developing clients’ style and has worked in fashion runway events and photo shoots.