What High Performers Do

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wanted to know what sets apart the high performers from the rest? This class provides a snapshot into the mind of high performers and what they do differently, regardless of their sporting speciality.

Take away the latest sport psychology ideas and strategies to apply in your own life. Learn how to shift from goal setting to goal getting. Identify what you can control or influence in high performance settings. Whether you are a performer, coach or curious novice you will get something helpful from this class.

What will we cover?

At the end of the class, people will walk away with an understanding about specific differences of high performers, no matter their speciality. In addition, they will learn skills they can take away and apply to their own performance they enjoy specialising in.

Some skills and concepts discussed are not new (goal setting) as such, but how to maximise them is (goal getting). Other skills and concepts are new, such as learning what we are specifically in control of, what we are not and what we have influence of in high performance environments.

Who will be teaching?

Michael Inglis is a Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychologist who is the Director of The Mind Room as well as being the sport psychologist for the North Melbourne Football Club. Michael teaches high performance skills to a variety of groups such as athletes, coaches, medical staff and teams. He has a history of working in team sports such as AFL and soccer, but further works with individual athletes such as swimmers and cyclists. As Michael is resisting his middle age, he is still attempting to be a high performer in may sports such as cycling, running, cricket and adventure sports.